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All About Me : From The Inside Out

Have You Ever...
Have you ever seen or experienced any life altering events?
Have you ever been scared for your life?
Have you ever seen anyone fearful for their own life?
Have you ever accomplished something you never thought you would?
What has been your biggest struggle in life so far?
What do you find to be most difficult about relationships?
What part of yourself do you feel gives you the most strength?
What song can best describe your life right now?
What song can best describe your life as a whole?
If there was a movie about your life what would the title be?
Who would you want to play "you" in the movie about your life?
Who is the strongest person you know?
Who has been your biggest inspiration? Why?
Who has made you laugh the most?
Who has made you cry the most?
Who will you always love?
You do you hate/really, really dislike?
Who knows you inside and out?
Who can best pick you up when life has pushed you down?
When you wish upon a shooting star, what do you wish for?
When do you feel that love conquer all?
When will you feel that all your dreams have come true?
Life's Quote
Write the quote that you feel best describes life:

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